Bellyboard Workshop


Bellyboarding might just be the simplest way to enjoy waveriding on a piece of wood and it’s deeply entwined in the history of British surfing, which is why we love it. The boards themselves often become highly treasured possessions and we’d like to share the fun of making them with you.

Join us for a day in the workshop to make your own bellyboard from locally grown timber. We’ll create a blank to your specification and you’ll then be able to cut the outline, shape the rails and oil your board up ready for a lifetime of waves, with us guiding you through each step of the process.

Customise your Experience


We’ll create your your recipient an account which they can use to select their workshop date and options. Don’t worry, we won’t send them anything to spoil the surpise!

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The day will kick off at 10am with a cup of tea or coffee and wrap up around 4-5pm depending on how much sanding you want to do.

We’ll provide lunch, so let us know if you have any dietary requirements. We’ll normally have a pasty, vegan pie or salad box ready for you.

We kick off with choosing your shape, drawing and cutting the outline before we then get into the shaping. Once the shape has been fine-tuned, we work our way through a few grades of sandpaper before stamping and signing them off.

We’ll demonstrate how to oil your bellyboard and send you away with a bottle of tung oil to finish it at home.

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If you struggle to find anywhere, you can always drop us an email and we’ll help if we can.

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